Private Concerts

From renowned musical ensembles performing in the Abbey Church to the most intimate chamber recitals given just for you - concerts which are 'made to measure'...

Thanks to our exclusive partnership with the independent record label Arcandia Records, who for many years have been producing and recording exceptional concerts in the heart of the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel, we can offer our clients both the organisation of prestigious public relations events on site, and the provision of high-impact corporate or sales promotional tools.

The majority of the concerts, with distinguished international artists, take place in the Abbey Church.

As a more intimate alternative, our private recitals generally take place in the splendid Belle-Chaise room, but can be given elsewhere in the Abbey depending on the size and other parameters of your event.

Réceptif au Mont Saint Michel, NormandieRéceptif au Mont Saint Michel, Normandie Réceptif au Mont Saint Michel, Normandie

Exclusive visits & Business meetings

Enabling you to combine corporate activities with the magnificence of the location...

As a direct adjunct to a corporate meeting or seminar, we will devise an exclusive, tailor-made visit of the Abbey, with a specific theme if you wish. The central part of the Abbey surrounding the Church - Cloisters, Monks' Refectory, Knights' Hall, Belle-Chaise Room, Guests' Hall - can be made available exclusively for you and your guests - up to 300 people.

Réceptif au Mont Saint Michel, NormandieRéceptif au Mont Saint Michel, Normandie Réceptif au Mont Saint Michel, Normandie

Dedicated musical CD albums

Your private evening is crowned by the concert or recital and superb catering...

Our CD albums form ideal promotional or corporate gifts, whether they are presented as a tangible reminder of your private concert or not, CD Concept International, our commercial arm, develops original audiovisual concepts conceived and designed to serve as promotional and direct marketing tools for businesses, specialising in the form of customised CDs.

Derived from the recordings of unique musical performances, featuring top artists, produced by the specialist label Arcandia Records, the CDs are specially designed to underline the image of our clients, and form highly attractive promotional objects.

The exclusive content of the recordings adds an extra dimension to the promotional appeal of the packaging.

Coffret musical Mont-Saint-MichelCoffret musical Mont-Saint-Michel Coffret musical Mont-Saint-Michel Coffret musical Mont-Saint-Michel

Since its inception, CD Concept International has worked with a broad range of business sectors, from the smallest entrepreneur to the largest multinational.

CD Concept International uses the latest digital technology, coupled with the incredible capacity and multiple applications of the Compact Disc format, to conceive and produce exclusive content and high-impact packaging, specifically designed to support high quality promotional campaigns, and capable of reaching the most demanding clientèle.

The combination of the visual identity, logo or other corporate or commercial references to our clients, with music, images and if necessary with other audiovisual material, results in highly effective promotional tools, especially on an international scale.

Thanks to our innovative technical skills and our use of the best specialist know-how on the market, CD Concept International promises exceptional value for money to its clients.